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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 8:45 am 
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I've been a part of this forum for about a month now and I've realized that this is the LEAST INTERACTIVE FORUM I've ever been a part of.

No one comments on posts, no one answers questions in a timely manner, no one really interacts with one another other than to pull apart and pick at things they don't like, or things that the person has done wrong.


This is a COMMUNITY of people who share COMMON INTEREST.

Everyone should be treated with respect, posts should be answered, even to say "nice job" or "good question," and a sense of having someone to trust needs to be paramount when dealing with COMMON INTEREST FORUMS.

People put themselves out there to be heard, to ask for advice and to interact socially... where-as, it seems everyone on here is an old-man/shut-in who only cares about their RM250 they've kept in stock condition since they were 13 years old... or an old mechanic who shuns anyone who doesn't do a BONE STOCK restore.

Let's try to be a little bit more INTERACTIVE... and SOCIAL...

I'm sorry to go on this rant.... and maybe it doesn't apply to you, but from what I've seen... it's really not a proper forum community.


I drink your milkshake!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:01 am 

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Hi Danny,Just joined here myself.Doesn't look like there is a introduction thread.So I will just put it here.Names Alton.Go by the handle Swampdog.( Long story from deer hunting)I am from Virginia.I am 60 years old former military(173rd Airborne) .Have been doing it in the dirt since the mid 60's.Have had just about every kind of dirt/motocross bike imaginable.Just bought a 1979 Cr250 R.It all original except the rear tire and handle bar grips.Stock shocks are trash am in the process of getting some vintage Fox Airs from Thor.(Thor Larsen suspensions) look in the vendor section.Thor is a really good guy .He was very instrumental in helping me get my 'Elsie.I am going to take the plunge probaly beginning next spring in the A.H.R.M.A. vintage racing.Needless to say my wife ain't happy at all.....LOL.I have a shop in Danville Va. 60' X 40' 4 bay that I tinker around in do more resto work than anything else.I also have a 1978 Yamaha DT 400 E with 2000 actual miles ( barn find) that I ride daily as my shop bike.A 1976 mt 125,198? YZ 490 (for sale),1986 YZ 250 ( need complete engine and pipe),1974 DT 360,2007 Honda CR450F,1995 Yamaha mx 100,Think I am getting an earlier model CR 500 soon(ouch) :lol: also am supposed to be getting a 1975 or 76 DT 400 have not seen the bike yet but already paid for it ( $60.00). Don't know everything ,But I know a little.If I can be of any help just ask.Now do you have a big 'ol warm fuzzy feeling? :mrgreen: J/K the better you get to know me you will understand .I am full of B.S. and carry on a bunch of junk with everybody I am a real smart@zz ,but all in fun so don't take me wrong.I am looking forward to meeting everyone here and gaining /and sharing info on all of these great bikes .........Swamp

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:43 am 

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Hi there Danny and Swampdog,
Its nice to see people like you guys who understand the use and equicate of a forum style web page like this one. I've posted before and got no response what so ever.
I finally posted the last of some pictures of my restoration job on my CR125M. It's a 1976 and you can view it under "almost complete restoration job" by supermanksr3. I too am from Virginia, Virginia Beach to be exact. I would love to know more about these A.H.R.M.A. events that are going on in our area. I want to attend one so badly but don't know where to get the info needed to find where they are taking place. Any information on event locations, times and anything else would be greatly appreciated. I hear alot of them are going on in California, but not so much here on the east coast mid-atlantic region.
I too am retired military, USN, 20 years 1 month. I was a Boiler Technician First Class Petty Officer. I retired in 199 at 38 years of age and now I'm 56, diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer of the blood/bone which is non-curable but treatable until the Chemo no longer works in keeping blood levels good enough to sustsain life. I've also got type-2 diabeties from the steroids I take with chemo and, that's right, and I had total renal failure at the same time I was diagnosed with the MM. which means my Kidneys have totally fEailed and I do Home Dialysis of the Kidneys 5 days a week for 2.5 hours each session. I'm off on Thursday's and Saturday's from dialysis. I'm also on complete Social Security disability, and Medicade has paid for everything since my diagnosis. Thank God ifor that and my Military Retirement Benefits (Tricare) picks up anything left over from Medicare. So I have it pretty good financially, but health wise, I'm a very sick man and very weak now a days. Can't even ride motorcycles anymore, My wife and I both owned Harleys, mine was a 1987 Softail Custome, her's a 2005 Sportster Custome. Both have been sold due to my illness and that's when I decided to get back to my real younger days and invest in a 76 Elsinore to restore. This bike was a basket case from the start. The only parts on it was the lower half of the engine, front femder, inner rear fender, handle bars stripped of any levers/purches/hand grips. Two dry rotted tires and punctured tubes and an extra set of rims which were way out of round with no tires on them. That's it. Everything else was purchased thru mostly E-Bay. I've spent a total thus far of about $700. I'm trying to sell it on e-bay for $950.00.
Enough about me and again, I'm glad there's peop's like you in here to write to. Please get back to me on race schedules in the east OK. Thanks

Kenny Rogers

'76 CR125M Elsinore

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