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Mid-Life crisis brought TWO 1980 RM125's into Garage...
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Author:  vineys [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Mid-Life crisis brought TWO 1980 RM125's into Garage...

I bought an old ugly faded Suzuki Rm125 that runs like a top - was all complete-never dumped - just had faded a bit and showed it's 28 yr. old age. I paid $450. which I thought was a pretty good deal considering it ran great, and starts first kick every time even when it's cold. I drove 6 hours one way to pick it up. Brought it home, removed all the side plates and fenders and gas tank -stripped all the decals & spray everything with a special plastic-specific Krylon spray paint...high visibility yellow. Then I sanded & painted the engine & exhaust with semi-gloss black engine enamel, bought two new cheapo chinese knobbies for $39. each, and a new RM 1980 replica seat cover. Looks like a million bucks - Jeez, I hate to get it dirty now.....So....I happened to be searching Craigslist, & what did I see? Another 1980 RM125 for $400. So I drove 8 hours to buy that one too. (My wife is already thinking about what she wants to buy to keep up with me - my mid-life crisis is in full swing!!) runs great too (these old RM125's are tough little buggers) I did another cosmetic job on this one. My neighbor who is 50, and I are going to the river bar this weekend to see how fast we can go without crashing.....I kinda hate to get them dirty - but am looking forward to getting a little wuggy with these machines this weekend. Anyone who wants to see photos, email me at

Author:  Jerotuhy [ Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mid-Life crisis brought TWO 1980 RM125's into Garage...

Do not you know that you are all about.

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