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PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:42 pm 

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I guess it is time to get serious about this subject matter as at one point I actually felt that I was going to get me engine returned to me. It is apparent that I will never see my 1977 250 AW engine ever again. Basically, Eric Cook has stolen my engine and has refused to return it to me for whatever reason that runs through his demented mind.

I had been doing business with EC for a number of years with mostly positive results. This lulled me into a false sense of stupidity to send my engine 3000 miles away to a lunatic that at the drop of a hat will go ballistic. He at first claimed he would make my engine into a 320 for that extra power I was looking for. We had many phone calls over the next two years and he promised he was making progress. Lies, all lies. Then, just like that, he stop taking my calls, responding to my texts or faxes.

Fast forward to about 6 months back when through some random miracle, I got through to Herb who answers the phone. He gets Eric on the phone and as nice as can be, Eric claims the engine is done, it is NOT a 320, but a fast 250. I ask how much with my credit card in hand, and he tells me he does not know. Herb will send me an invoice the next and will ship me my engine as soon as he gets paid. OK, that seems fair.

Six months later as we approach 6 years, not a single phone call in the last six months, no emails, EC and MO are as dead and quiet as space itself. Through another random act of OMG good luck, I get Herb on the phone and start asking about my engine and of course he cannot answer that question, I continue to question Herb and all he does is continue to lie to me until I see red and start calling him every name in the book.

GUESS who sends me a text tonight. I copied and pasted to an email and here it is.

"Hey fagel if you could only keep that big fat mouth of yours shout, you might make some progress. By the way, the little stunt you pulled earlier is considered a terrorist threat and has just been filed with our local pd. You show trying to be tough guy and you will go home in a body bag you pos."

My last name is Fogel, notice the ingenious play on words from Eric.

I did respond in a not so nice manner using Obama's name in vain as he (EC) played the race card many times in our phone conversations dropping the "N" word, and I mentioned he was not as nice as Rick D. He then called me a female body part, using the colorful slang that starts with a "C".

Well, I got his attention boys, and I will be getting even more of it.

Now, I know I will NEVER see this engine, but I calmed down as I know going out there will require a big stick as short people like Eric, who are hot heads like Eric, will attack first and get off the ground and ask questions later. This will not be good for my free riding time. And I do not think I will like prison. So.......I did some research this afternoon. I have some really good options that will require a lawyer, some funds, and a whole lot of smiling as I sit home and do my best to cost that nimrod some of that crap he calls hair and some money he rather have in his pocket.

I have poked the stupid, and from his text, he is just as stupid as I have given him credit for.

Stay tuned, I am going hunting for rabbit (Bugs Bunny reference for the clueless).

fagel :twisted:

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